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Al Sayegh group of companies a well established trading and marketing house in the Middle East is well known for its diversified lines of business ranging from high quality jewellary to networking systems.

Way back in the year 1986 with the blessings of our chairman RAS general maintenance company came into extensive and carries out a sustainable business of its own. The opportunities in providing state of the art of LV systems prompted diversification of its operations and emerged as a specialized LV systems service provider in 1994.

The continued efforts and business opportunities paved the way to instill RAS “Group” and gave birth to RAS Engineering in the year 1999, which specialized in providing electromechanical installations for residential, commercial and mixed use projects within UAE construction markets.

The group vision is to bring specialized products and services continued and RAS infrastructure maintenance and RAS power distribution emerged in the year 2006, offering specialized services and products in their own field.

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